TLL Interview With Callie Ferrara

Callie Ferrara, a special Lobo fan (With mom Courtney, dad Bill, and sister Maya).  Bill Ferrara

I have done a lot of interviews over the last several years—players, coaches, other people associated with the team–but I have never interviewed a fan. So for my first fan interview I decided to do a very enthusiastic and energetic one with some strong opinions. Working with Coach Bill Ferrara we identified one, and after one of the recent practices I was able to sit down with her. Callie Ferrara-–yes, Bill’s daughter–is not usually shy, but the microphone (or maybe it was me) must have been intimidating so I handed the mic over to Rosa (who is far less scary looking) and she did the interview while I sat quietly (mostly) on the sidelines. This is our interpretation of Callie’s remarks, head shakes, bounces, and exuberant smiles.
Rosa: Hi my name is Rosa and I’m a fan of the Lady Lobos. We’ve met before. I see that you really like the basketball events. Tell us your name.
Callie: Callie Ferrara.
Rosa: I’ve heard of somebody else named Ferrara that’s part of the basketball team. Who’s that?
Callie: Daddy!
Rosa: What does he do?
Callie: Coaches the basketball team.
Rosa: Yeah, he does. He coaches and helps out with the team. You are new to New Mexico; how do you like it here?
Callie: It’s fun. (Big smile)
Rosa: Do you go to school?
Callie: Yes. I’m in Kindergarten.
Rosa: What is the name of your school?
Callie: Ventana Ranch Elementary School.
Rosa: What do you like to do in school?
Callie: We play a lot.
Rosa: What do you and your friends like to play?
Callie: We like to play ninjas.
Rosa: Are you a ninja?
Callie: (Vigorously bobbing head)
Rosa: Who’s your favorite ninja?
Callie: The pink one. If you are the pink one, then you can have powers. Like lightening and fire.
Rosa: Wow! That’s pretty impressive. When you play with your little sister, Maya, do you play ninjas with her?
Callie: Aha. She likes the red one.
Rosa: I’ve seen you at the games.
Callie: (an enthusiastic head bob)
Rosa: What kind of cheers you do when you are at the games? Can you do a cheer for me?
Callie: (Callie bounces up and down and yells) “Go Lobos!”
Rosa: You know a lot of the players. Do you have a favorite player?
Callie: Nike.
Rosa: Why is she your favorite player?
Callie: She braided my hair today. (Callie is sporting a fancy braid-do thanks to Nike’s efforts.)
Rosa: That is very cool. Did you stay still for her so that she could braid your hair?
Callie: (A big smile and head bob)
Joe: What’s your favorite part of the games?
Callie: When they score.
Rosa: Is that when you cheer the most?
Callie: Yes.
Joe: What else do you like about the games?
Callie: (She gets very excited.) Before we go home, Daddy comes over and he hugs us!
Rosa: Do you do anything special when you go home?
Callie: Before we go to bed, Daddy’s home.
Joe: Did you go see the balloons this month? What did you like best?
Callie: We went two times. We were sitting right next to one.
Rosa: You had to get up really early, didn’t you?
Callie: Yeah.
Rosa: Which was your favorite balloon?
Callie: The carriage one, and I liked the three bumble bees.
Rosa: I like the three bumble bees, too. Did you know that they come from a country called Brasil? Do you think it would be fun to go up in a balloon?
Callie: Yeah. Maya wanted to go up in the carriage but she couldn’t. She started crying.
Rosa: What did you tell her
Callie: “Maya, Maya. Guess what? Want to play hot air balloon when we get home?”
Rosa: Did that make her happy?
Callie: Yeah.
Rosa: How did you play hot air balloons?
Callie: So, we had to do like this (arms up forming a balloon envelope) and we jumped up and down. Sometimes Maya says I’m the balloon, so I pretend that I’m the balloon and she has to get on my back.
Rosa: That sounds very creative. Sounds like you and your sister play very well together.
Callie: Yes.
Rosa: Tell me about what sports you like to play.
Callie: Soccer; that’s all we can play now.
Rosa: You will be able to play other sports when you are bigger. Do you think you would like to play basketball?
Callie: (an enthusiastic head bob and big smile)
Rosa: Why do you like basketball?
Callie: Because you get to dribble. Do you know that I can start to walk and dribble my ball? (Stated very proudly.)
Rosa: Wow, I’m impressed. Who taught you how to do that?
Callie: My Dad.
Rosa: Anything else you want to tell us?
Callie: (negative head shake)
Rosa: Well, Callie, thank you for your interview. We will see you at the games.
Callie, her little sister, Maya, and Mom come to the games to cheer on the Lady Lobos. Hope you, too, will attend the games and cheer heartily for our Lady Lobos. We are expecting a great year and want to welcome all our new players to New Mexico and The Pit. We appreciate our returning Lobos A.T., Jaisa, Jayden, Emily, Madi, and Aisha who red-shirted last year. Thank you girls for embracing your new Lobo sisters. Thank you to all our LoboLair fans.
Go Lobos!!!