Tevaka Tuioti competes for the starting QB spot

Tevaka Tuioti is humble but competitive when it comes to getting the starting quarterback job. Isabel Gonzalez/The Lobo Lair

Isabel Gonzalez

The University of New Mexico doesn’t have a starting quarterback yet, but head coach Bob Davie is deciding soon. It looks like the decision will be made between redshirt sophomore Tevaka Tuioti and redshirt senior Coltin Gerhart. Not long ago, there were three quarterbacks in the running but Sheriron Jones is now dealing with a hamstring injury.
Tevaka Tuioti redshirted as an incoming freshman in 2016. The following year he made eight appearances, including one start. This year could be his year to shine, but he is very humble about it.
When asked what he thought his particular strengths are, he responded by saying he doesn’t really have any and began putting the focus on the team’s overall offense. Tuioti acknowledged that when it comes to himself, he is still working on a lot of different things. However, he believes his team is looking good.
The California native is known for having a good arm but he was too humble to even accept that and once again brought the attention back to the entire team.
“We’ll see. I’m not sure,” he answered. “It’s whatever the coaches want, whatever fits this offense, keeps the ball moving, gets us touchdowns and gets a win.”
Tuioti might have been happy with his answers, but others weren’t.
Linebacker Rhashaun Epting was watching this unfold and finally spoke out in the middle of the interview saying that Tuioti is the nicest quarterback he’s ever played with, as well as mentioning he’s quick. This conversation didn’t last long as Tuioti took over the interview duties as seen by this entertaining moment captured on video.

When The Lobo Lair did a poll on Twitter asking fans who they thought would get the starting quarterback position, Tuioti won with 55 percent of the votes. This was brought up to him and he took it as a compliment but said he was just being himself.
However, it is important to point out that his humbleness doesn’t take away from his competitive edge. He said that although he considers the other quarterbacks as his brothers, he knows at the end of the day it’s all a competition. Right now he was a lot of goals he’s trying to accomplish and he’s ready to chase them.
“I’m trying to win the starter spot,” he said. “I’m trying to recap the way we ended last year. We didn’t end the season the way we wanted to so I’m trying to pick this offense and the defense off as a whole. Keep them moving.”
Interesting fact about Tuioti: he can sing.