Men's basketball hosts schedule release party – kind of

The University of New Mexico men’s basketball team has 28 games in the calendar so far but the official schedule is yet to be released. Isabel Gonzalez/The Lobo Lair

Isabel G0nzalez

Don’t get your hopes up just yet because the official men’s basketball schedule is still in the works as University of New Mexico head coach Paul Weir continues to iron out a few more details. This, however, didn’t stop him from hosting a schedule release party for some Lobo fans on Tuesday evening. A few new details were released, but overall it was an event meant to be open and communicate with those who have been anxiously waiting for some news.
The event, held at Rio Bravo Brewing Company, was open to 6th Man Club members, Lobo Level ticket holders and U.S. Bank Suite/Club seat holders. The coaching staff was there along with players Anthony Mathis, Dane Kuiper and Karim Ezzeddine. All of them walked around making conversation with fans. Tacos, chips and beer were available as people mingled and waited for Weir to address the crowd.
“Tonight is more of a bigger picture. Here is what we have. Have some fun, let’s talk about Lobo basketball, let’s kind of kick off the season,” Weir told the press early in the evening. “We had the football opener on Saturday and I really wanted all the attention that we had to go toward that. When that was over I thought, ok it’s time to at least communicate with the public, here are the games we have, here is where we are going with it and kind of go from there.”

Keeping the community updated was only one of the reasons the coach wanted to organize Tuesday’s event. He explained that another big reason is simply that he’s been wanting to do something “exclusive” for suite holders.
“These are people who obviously spend a lot of money to be a part of our program and I’ve never been able to interact with them individually,” Weir said. “I’m obviously playing a game when they are sitting in their suite so I thought we could bring them as part of this group together to feel like they are a part of our program in ways that they hadn’t previously, or haven’t at least since I’ve been here.”
The coach announced that 28 games have already been scheduled but that he is still working of a few specific things. One of these, he said, is getting a game at Hobbs High School.  This requires a waiver from the NCAA.
Speaking of New Mexico, the second game of the season will be an exhibition against a non-Division I opponent from the state. The timing is odd since the season will have already started, but the weekend of Nov. 10 is what worked best for the parties involved.
Mathis and Ezzeddine got a chance to speak with the media and said they were excited to get the season rolling and show fans what this year’s team can do. They too, however, are anxiously waiting for the schedule to come out.
“It’s interesting not knowing who you are going to be playing,” Mathis said. “It’s super interesting because you don’t really know who to prepare for, as a player. Last year we knew we were going to be playing Arizona, we knew we were going to be playing those big teams, so we had those in the back of our minds.”
The season begins on the road on Nov. 6 against Cal State Northridge… let the countdown begin.