MBB Update: Sept. 6, 2018

Isabel Gonzalez

University of New Mexico head coach Paul Weir held a press conference on Thursday to give a few updates about the men’s basketball schedule and the program. Much of what he talked about was what he had already told the media and public during Tuesday’s schedule release party. However, a few new updates came out:

  • There will be a Cherry and Silver game on Oct. 19. Weir stressed that this is not the same as The Howl.
  • There are 28 games already set but UNM has waivers to play up to 29 or 30. The hearing for the waivers is Sept. 17. Weir said other schools waiting for waivers have contacted their conferences to ask for help to speed up the process. He has contacted the Mountain West.
  • Matt Vail, Navajo native from Grants, NM, will be part of the UNM basketball program but not as an athlete. His new path is coaching and he is already doing some video stuff for the Lobos.
  • The team is still waiting for Carlton Bragg’s waiver to play this semester instead of the next. Bragg could join the Lobos on Dec. 16 but this depends on when grades are posted. After grades are posted, the semester is over and he can officially begin to play.
  • Other projects Weir is working on are a high school coaches clinic, and a program with the Albuquerque Police Department. APD talked to the team last week. Weir said he doesn’t want this to just be for publicity, he hopes the community benefits from it.
  • Weir addressed the Pit suite situation: “At no point did I ask for two million dollars on this project. The extent I was involved in was exploring the idea…. the last thing I would want to be is a polarizing figure.” He apologized for those who might have found the timing inappropriate.