Elijah Lilly ends season early

Late in March, Elijah Lilly posted about how his senior year was going to be one to remember. Unfortunately, he will have to sit this one out.
The senior wide receive officially announced on Tuesday evening that Saturday had been his last game of the season because he was ending his 2019 campaign early. He explained that he needs surgery for his shoulder (labrum), and will now have a redshirt status.
“As much as I wanna be out there for my teammates I can’t and words can’t describe how I feel right now,” read the note on his tweet. “God had other plans for me but I know everything will continue to work itself out at the end.”

New Mexico head coach Bob Davie had announced it earlier in the day during his weekly press conference. Davie said that rather than keep fighting it, it was better to take the redshirt route and take care of the issue now. Since Lilly only played three games this season, he is guaranteed a return next year.
“It’s unfortunate. The other labrum was a year ago,” the coach said. “Kind of a high school injury that he couldn’t shake. Now he comes back this year in fall camp and he injures the other labrum. The good news is that it gives him another year.”
Other injury notes

  • Aaron Blackwell (ACL) is scheduled for surgery on Thursday.
  • Davie said that overall the team is healthier now than they were before the New Mexico State game.