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The new numbers game for football recruiting- the UNM situation

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The only number that is relevant now is the limit on 85 scholarships per major college- no limit on how many a school can sign each season.

Here is the situation at UNM. At the end of last season, it was assumed UNM was at the 85 limit. However, with the COVID extra year exemption in effect, the Lobos only had 4 players who had exhausted their eligibility.  Thus, they could sign only 4 new players this year- not good at all.

Now, enter the NCAA transfer portal rule- one free transfer allowed without having to sit out a year. Two of the best Lobos. Haulcy and Moon took advantage and decided to play elsewhere. About 14 others were encouraged to play elsewhere as the coaches decided they were deep on their projected depth chart. UNM is now down to 65 players on full ride scholarships, which UNM has estimated to be worth $23,996 per school year.

This leaves 20 spots open, but the Lobos recruited 34 players in 3 batches- 12 transfers from 4- year schools, 12 from JC's and 10 freshman. Most of these players were considered better than those now on scholarship. UNM is thus 14 rides over the limit that will not be renewed next semester. The coaches,  mainly on the offensive side of the ball, need to decide who would not get any or much PT next season. They will be encouraged to play elsewhere. Some will, some wont at a lower level. This is the reality of trying to improve Lobo football and UNM is not the only one.

Before you start crying that UNM has been taking advantage of these kids and making a lot of money off of football, I am quite sure it is the other way around. UNM football is in the red. Also, for many of these kids, UNM was their only offer for a free college education.. Some of the decisions of who to keep will be made during spring ball.



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Posted : February 3, 2023 10:56 am
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Very insightful. Thanks for keeping up with it!

Posted : February 4, 2023 8:46 am
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Goes to show you alot of kids leaving for the portal are being forced out because they not good enough. 

Posted : February 5, 2023 9:28 am
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Now that Spring Football practices has started and SID Frank M has published a roster of those participating, getting down to the 85 limit on rides may be easier and less painful than thought. My initial blog predicted that 14 players or close had to have their scholarships not renewed for next school year. 

In reviewing the Spring roster, the following players thought to be on rides are no shows. They include RB Nate Jones already identified as giving up football. Others are RB Chad Alexander, WR Kai Jessie, TE Rick Dennis, OL Greg  Brown ll, OL Adam Gay (if on a ride). DL Omar Darame, LB J D Roberts, DL Ian Shewell, S Kalen Woods, OL Radson Jang and WR Tristen White- a total of 12. Frank may have to check to see  if they have left the football team. 

The real question mark is the highly rated S transfer from OU, Bryson Washington. Will he show up for Fall semester?

 Others planning to enroll then are 3 OL transfers, 1 from Georgetown and  two from JC. along with 8 freshman. ( probably will be red-shirted).

What all of this means is that only 2 to 4 existing players need to be eliminated from the present list of scholarship players. There seems to be an excessive number of OL and WR. 

IMHO, things are looking up for Lobo football.


Posted : February 18, 2023 4:47 pm
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Add 2 more rides needed (players leaving) to accommodate 2 gray shirt FR OL Cayden Romero and Lane Williams needing a scholarship. With the new rules, there will be no need for gray shirts and also blue shirts. You do not need to know what that means as they are a thing of the past.

Posted : February 20, 2023 8:52 am