Christmas with the Lobos

Isabel Gonzalez

It’s Christmas time and a couple members of the New Mexico men’s basketball team shared some of their traditions and favorite things. Redshirt junior Carlton Bragg and redshirt sophomore Keith McGee teamed up for an interview, freshmen Jordan Arroyo and Tavian Percy teamed up for another.
Bragg and McGee video:

YouTube video

Jordan Arroyo
Traditions: With my family we always go to church on Christmas Eve or on Christmas. For our tree, we always get a real tree and mix Tide and water and sprinkle it on the tree. It looks like real snow, it makes the house smell good too.
Christmas song: My girl Mariah is where it’s at (he began to sing All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey).
Dessert: For most holidays, my autie will make this Oreo ice cream cake. That’s what I look forward to the most, it’s my favorite.
Wish for Santa: A nicer house for my parents. It would be nice, after all the help they’ve given me, to help them out. I don’t really need anything. They’ve given me all I need.
Tavian Percy
Family Traditions: We watch Planes, Trains & Automobiles every year. We have a little family get together. We eat and watch movies for the rest of the night.
Christmas song: Holly Jolly Christmas (he also sang All I Want For Christmas is You with Jordan).
Dessert: Strawberry rhubarb pie. My mom makes it. It’s my favorite.
Wish for Santa: A lot of blessings for my parents and my siblings. For them to have a good life and live long.


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    It is hard to believe that some fan’s boo these young men. I hope every Lobo player and the coaching staff come back fresh and rested and that they all experience a wonderful Christmas.