Brandon Mason will be co-camp director of WCE Elite 100

Brandon Mason will be co-camp director of WCE Elite 100

Isabel Gonzalez

It didn’t take long for Brandon Mason to find a new opportunity.

The former New Mexico men’s basketball assistant coach will be co-camp director of the West Coast Elite 100 taking place Nov. 20 – 22 at the Phacility in Arizona, sharing the role with former Arizona assistant coach Book Richardson.

Mason was looking for a chance to get back on the saddle. He was arrested on August 14 for aggravated DWI and turned in a letter of resignation to UNM a few days later.

It’s no secret that Richardson also has a past, as he spent time in federal prison for a bribery charge. They’ve made mistakes, but giving people an opportunity to do better in life is what West Coast Elite is about.

Founder Ryan Silver said WCE basketball was about “giving to others and gratitude.” He is a recovering alcoholic, and proudly sober for eight years. The WCE started in 2012, with the first event being held in Gahr High School in California. Today it is known as a major recruiting showcase.

In 2014, 17 players were offered a spot in a four-year college roster. That number has grown every year, with 2020 having 49 players get that opportunity.

Silver started out WCE by “calling, calling, calling” people and networking. Now his phone is constantly ringing with people trying to reach him. Lots of players contact him for advice, to which he usually replies with a simple answer.

“Just keep working hard and keep getting better,” he said.

This pairs well with Mason’s own slogan of “high fives and positive energy” and his well-known “breakfast club” workouts.

While in New Mexico, Mason was known for his friendly personality but most of all as a great recruiter. Silver is well aware of it.

“Mason is a great guy, energetic and very well respected. We are excited to have him,” he said.