Brandon Mason puts together Lobo Alumni TBT team

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Isabel Gonzalez

New Mexico will be represented during the 2021 The Basketall Tournament with a Lobo Alumni team put together by Brandon Mason.

“It was easy. Everybody was a phone call or text message away,” said Mason, who is known as a networking expert. “All the guys responded right away. It wasn’t like I had to find anyone or beg. Everybody was a text message away from saying ‘I’m in.’ It was really cool.”

TBT is an open-application, single-elimination tournament that takes place every summer and is shown on ESPN. The winning team can get a prize of over one million dollars. Mason said the deadline to register is not until next summer, but he already has a team committed to representing New Mexico.

“Only in New Mexico,” said the former Aggie and former Lobo assistant coach. “I swear, in New Mexico they are excited and just great legendary fans.”

While only 11 players are needed in the roster, Mason is putting together a team of 15 in case of any unexpected situations.

Roster and Staff

  • Drew Gordon
  • Wendell McKines
  • Alex Kirk
  • Cameron Bairstow
  • Tim Williams
  • Cleveland “Pancake” Thomas
  • J.R. Giddens
  • Darington Hobson
  • Jamaal Smith
  • Antino Jackson
  • Scott Bamforth
  • Anthony Mathis
  • Kendall Williams
  • DeAndre Lansdowne
  • Tony Danridge
  • General Manager: Brandon Mason
  • Head Coach: Michael Cooper
  • Assistant Coaches: Craig Snow and Kory Alford
  • Staff: Ryan Berryman, Dairese Gary, Roman Martinez, Kenny Thomas and Joe Mares