Aggies get six straight against the Lobos

For the first time this season, the Aggies and the Lobos experienced a game that went into extra innings. Isabel Gonzalez/The Lobo Lair

Isabel Gonzalez

It took over five hours to decide a winner for Tuesday’s Rio Grande Rivalry game. After 10 innings, the New Mexico State Aggies defeated the New Mexico Lobos 11-8. This is the first time the Aggies defeat UNM in six straight occasions.
The Lobos were behind 2-7 at the top of the fifth. They added a pair of runs at the bottom of the inning, and slowly crawled their way up to an 8-7 lead by the end of the eight. NMSU extended the game after tying the score during the following inning. It was the first extra innings game this season for both teams.
If the game wasn’t interesting enough, the drama increased during the ninth as an Aggie runner was called out for making contact with a base coach as he rounded the base. NMSU head coach Brian Green couldn’t hold back his emotions (warning: strong language) and ended up being ejected. He left the park and had to wait in the team bus.

UNM had the bases loaded at the end of the night after Reese O’Farrell drew a walk, but the team already had two outs. Brayden Merritt got close to a dangerous hit against the Aggies, but he ended up becoming the third out.
A total of 13 pitchers were used, seven for NMSU and six for UNM. The Lobos led 18-13 in hits but still sank into a deeper losing record of 16-20. The Aggies improved to 26-9.
Up next, New Mexico stays at home to host UC Riverside for a three-game series that goes from Thursday to Saturday.