A Letter to the Fans From Eddie Nuñez

To the Lobo Family:

I want to first thank all of you for your continued support of our Lobo football program and our incredible student-athletes. The development of these fine young men includes having the encouragement and passion of our community backing them. This off-season for the Lobo football program will be one of transition and opportunity. While making a coaching change is always difficult, we have to focus now on how best to reach our goal of building a team that reflects our commitment to excellence on and off the field, in the classroom, and in our community.

I want to thank Coach Bob Davie for his service to UNM, to our program, and to his players. His dedication was unquestioned, but we both agreed that Lobo football needed to turn the page. I wish Coach Davie and his family the very best.

UNM football has a long and proud history. Some of the best players in the history of the game have worn the cherry and silver, their names and numbers retired for all time. We intend to honor their tradition, bringing confidence and excitement back to Dreamstyle Stadium.

Our immediate challenge is to find a new head coach that meets UNM standards for excellence. As we have in every other Lobo athletics program, we will be conducting a national search for someone of high character and energy with a commitment to ensuring a culture of integrity, excellence, winning, and consistency. We intend to hire a new head football coach who commands a program that will compete at the highest levels of the Mountain West each and every year, to make regular post season appearances, who can recruit top-notch students from all over the country, and who can perform with distinction both on and off the field.

Since the conclusion of our football season, we have been researching the coaching prospects that meet our criteria for leadership and success. I assure you we will invest the necessary time, resources, and expertise to bring in the very best candidate to our Albuquerque campus.

Building a program that reflects our commitment to excellence requires many hands. It demands not just our best efforts, but it also demands the support, patience, and loyalty of all Lobos everywhere – our former Lobo Lettermen, past and present members of the Lobo Club, and the ardent fans that make up Lobo Nation. Together, we can build this football program into one that reflects our three core commitments: Excellence in the Classroom, Excellence in the Community, and Excellence in Competition.

The decision to make a change was difficult, but it was steeped in the conviction that we can do better for our student-athletes, our department, our university, our state, and most of all, our entire united Lobo community. I firmly believe that excellence is within reach. Thank you for your continued support.

Go Lobos,           

Eddie Nuñez
Director of Athletics

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